Decorative Yard Signs

by Dazzle & Lace

Look Who Flew In…

Flamingo Times – The Flock’s in Shock

Let's Flamingle

Flamingo/Hippo – Happy Birthday

Hip Hip Hooray

Sweet Sixteen

Lordy, lordy look who’s Forty-Flamingo

Lordy, lordy look who’s 40

50 and Still Nifty

Flamingo Times – Flock’s in Shock – 50

Nifty, Nifty Look Who’s Fifty

Happy 70th Birthday

You’re so old, you’re prehistoric

Dinosaur – 50 and Still Nifty

Dinosaur- 60 and Still Rockin’

Happy Birthday Old Buzzard – 40

Happy Birthday Old Buzzard – 50

Happy Birthday Old Buzzard – 60

Over the Hill

Look who’s Over the Hill

Blooming Wonderful Day

Holy Cow

Birthday NUMBER – You choose!

It's a Boy!

Welcome Baby - Girl

It’s a Boy – Customizable

It’s a Girl - Customizable

Happy Anniversary

Happy 50th Anniversary

Love is in the Air

Happy Retirement

BLANK – You customize!

Add-Ons For Your Flocking

Souvenir Flamingo To Keep $20

Souvenir Stork to Keep $20

Souvenir Sign To Keep $5

Add a NAME to Our Sign $5

CUSTOM Worded Sign $5

Beer Mug “Cheers” RENTAL $5

Candle RENTAL $5

Butterfly RENTAL $5


ADD Graduation Caps RENTAL $5

BALLOON bouquet (helium) $25

BALLOON bundle (air) $15

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